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Vatican political thriller to bring scandal to screen

KristenScottThomas.jpgWell it isn't quite the Vatican, and it took me a little bit to understand this, but a French film is going to mix fact and fiction in a film that promises a reveal of some of the scandals surrounding the Holy See, described as the Episcopal jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome.

If you don't know exactly what that is then the easiest way to think of it is that Vatican City is the capital of the Holy See and the Holy See is the official state it is the centre of. It's a simplistic view, but it illustrates the point. Now you know what it is, you'll realise how controversial the film is set to be.

The film is entitled Vatican, le Christ habite chez les Borgia or Vatican or Christ Lives with the Borgias and is co-written by the French investigative journalist Michel Desprats along with director Laurent Herbiet, Nathalie Hertzberg, Christian Roux and also in collaboration with Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi who is the author of His Holiness and Vatican SpA and whom Variety reports as being at the centre of the Vatileaks scandal.

Variety also tell us that Kristin Scott Thomas, André Dussollier and Sergi López are set to star in the film with the wonderful actress Scott Thomas playing the mother of Cédric Tornay, the Swiss Guard who was found dead with the newly appointed Commander of the Swiss Guard Alois Estermann and Estermann's wife on May the 4th 1998.

The official Vatican line is that Tornay committed the murders before committing suicide however Scott Thomas' character is convinced of her son's innocence and the film will see her take a role described as "resourceful and tenacious as Erin Brockovich" and investigating his death and the accusations surrounding him.

Xavier Castano is a producer behind the film and the article says that he sees the film as being a large eye-opening political thriller that could be compared to that of Michael Mann's The Insider. I suspect the revelations in Vatican, Christ Lives with the Borgias will perhaps be more controversial than we saw in The Insider and will definitely strike up more headlines.

He also added that they had been carrying out extensive research for the film for some three years, trying to ensure that the script was as realistic as possible and did not stray far from the truth.

I love thrillers and I love political thrillers, more so I love European thrillers which are often more intelligent and through provoking than most, so combine them all in one and set the focus to be a real life crime and potential cover-up in the Holy See and we have a film that could really deliver a powerful story.

Then we have the wondrous Kristen Scott Thomas leading and I'm more than excited about it, and you should be too. I wonder though will the Vatican be as interested?



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