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Ghostbusters III isn't dead, new writer

Ghostbusters.jpgThis is never going to die is it? Although we're now sure that we can count on Bill Murray not to make the third instalment unless the script is good it seems the studio and the team behind the film are continuing forward and trying again.

There's word of a new writer for the script, no doubt in an attempt to get Bill Murray on board the production, although the expectations are that the film will still be passing the Ghostbusters onto a new team.

We heard recently that Bill Murray explaining a little about why he hasn't signed up to Ghostbusters III yet, and it seemed pretty clear, there wasn't a good enough script there, there wasn't really a film ready for production yet to sign up to, and it seemed as though he wants the sequel to be just as good as the original. Here's the salient quote from the article:

"They just don't have a really good script...It's hard. You know, even the second Ghostbusters wasn't as much fun for me as the first one. It's hard to make a sequel...That first one was so darn funny. It's hard for me."

It all seemed to be more that Murray wanted the film to live up to the original and not just be a handover to a new team to make everyone money because the first film made so much.

Well you have to give credit to the production and the team for keeping at it, and presumably trying to write a script that will live up to the original and take Bill Murray with them. Or maybe they're rewriting it to exclude Murray so they don't have to bring him back!

Whatever the reason Variety has the story that Etan Cohen has been brought on to rewrite Ghostbusters III. You might realise that Cohen is the man who wrote Men in Black 3, and that's been doing pretty well of late, as well as Tropic Thunder.

The question now is are they writing to get Murray in, or writing to get Murray out? Of course he didn't say that his door was closed to another Ghostbusters film it's just that he wants it to be as good as the original. Don't we all?



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