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Latest Looper teaser and trailer reveal more story

Looper.jpgI originally caught a new teaser trailer for Rian Johnson's Looper and thought it was good but as I was retrieving the source link for the teaser I discovered a trailer I hadn't seen before and one that was filled with story.

It takes the action from the teaser trailer and lets us have much more story around it, something that is always good and is particularly so here since we know so little about it. The good news is that both look fantastic.

Looper sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a man who is hired by criminal gangs in the future to dispatch people they send back in time, it ensures that evidence is never found and no one from the gang can be tied to the killings. However when he receives his latest target he gets a hell of a shock, the man that appears before him to be killed is his older self.

From there we have little idea of what happens other than he fails to kill his older self, the gang start chasing after him, and he chases after his target to try and kill himself. However his older self seems to be trying to save the both of them.

Bruce Willis plays the older man returned to be killed and Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels and Paul Dano also star in the film from Rian Johnson, all looks good for Looper.

Here's the new teaser from Yahoo Movies through Deadline:

However it's the new trailer for Looper, which I think I've previously missed and also comes through Yahoo Movies, which delivers much more of a story:




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