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New Total Recall trailer connects new with old

TotalRecall2012.jpgThere's a new trailer out for the Total Recall remake and I have to admit that while I love the original and never thought there was a need for a new version other than to update the effects, this trailer does look fantastic.

It also does look like they've, well, updated the effects. The marketing is still telling us there's a lot different and it's not just in the dropping of the Mars piece, it's that they've gone back to the Philip K. Dick source story rather than remake the film. I'm not seeing that here though.

Sure you see the dropping of the Mars story, but the rest has so much in common with the original but then perhaps this is the "sell it to the Recall fans" trailer.

We're still told that Len Wiseman's Total Recall film has a lot different from the original Paul Verhoeven version other than replacing the Mars freedom storyline with that of corporate spies, and that probably is the case, but this trailer is pointing heavily towards the original Total Recall.

That's no bad thing though for this trailer looks fantastic, it really does. It's sold me on seeing it. Here it is from Deadline.

Kurt Wimmer and Mark Bomback are responsible for adapting the Philip K. Dick story for the film with Jon Povill credited with writing the screen story for both the old and the new Total Recalls, so doesn't that suggest that this version is based upon the original film just as much as the original story?



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