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Old Houdini film gains writer

HarryHoudini.jpgWe've been hearing about Harry Houdini films since I started writing about films online, and even before that, and we're talking years. However the only one I've really seen come close to delivering a good story about Houdini has been Death Defying Acts (Filmstalker review) and that didn't do it too well even if it had a strong cast.

Now we're hearing of one of those Houdini stories from way back that seems to be still in development, or resurrected at least, a film I first wrote about in 2006 and one that doesn't seem to have changed since that time.

The film was originally said to be about...

...a young man who discovers that he is a descendent of the great magician Harry Houdini and sets off to uncover his secrets and take over the great name and tradition.

There wasn't much else in the original story apart from that Mark Waters was set to direct. Roll on the clock to just a few days past and we hear from The Hollywood Reporter that the film is still alive, Waters is still set to direct and the story is about...

...an unsuspecting high schooler who finds himself in grave danger when he discovers a family secret leading back to the legendary illusionist. Using clues left through the centuries, he must race to uncover the greatest magical secret known to man.

Now Chris Fedak has been pulled in to write the film, he's a co-producer and co-writer of the fantastic series Chuck which is good news. Still, I'm not convinced by the director and it does scream to me that this is a teen-friendly version of a Houdini story, think something like Percy Jackson but with Houdini or a teen version of National Treasure.

Mind you I am still more intrigued about the films that never were, well not yet anyway as this Harry Houdinifilm shows there's always life in a project. There was the action thriller style Houdini film, the Lovecraft, Doyle, Houdini and Laveau demon fighting film and the J. Michael Straczynski created Houdini and Doyle spiritual investigation film.

Don't they all sound much better? Where are they?



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