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The Master receives a trailer we can understand

TheMaster.jpgAfter a couple of teaser for the film finally we get to see a trailer for The Master that we can follow. The film tells the story of a man who is befriended by a science fiction writer who then begins to build a religious cult making him his right hand man. However he soon begins to question the validity of what "The Master" is saying.

I wonder what the Scientologists are going to be saying about the trailer because come the film they'll no doubt be going publicity mad. Mind you we should remember this is not specifically about Scientology and it can obviously be applied across the board.

Paul Thomas Anderson wrote and directed The Master which stars Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams. Phoenix plays the stranger that is taken under the wing of "The Master" played by Hoffman and his wife, obviously played by Adams.

Despite no official connection with Scientology it's not too difficult to make the connections yourself just by watching the trailer. Before it was hinted at, now it's getting a lot clearer.

The main reason I want to see this though is because of the talent involved in front of and behind the camera, not the controversial connections with real life silly people.

Here's the trailer for The Master which comes through Yahoo Movies. It does set-up the possibility of some really strong characters and scenes of conflict between the two leading men. You'd be hard pressed not to admit that you're interested in the film.



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