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The Oranges trailer has a good cast

TheOranges.jpgPlus The Oranges also has Hugh Laurie without a cane. Actually it has a good few actors that will have you not only recognising but being drawn to. There's Laurie, Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt, Allison Janney, Adam Brody, Leighton Meester, Tim Guinee and Alia Shawkat.

A fair bit of it plays out as expected but there's also plenty to attract you to it. This is about people and relationships, and it's the cast that is the main attraction.

Here's the blurb for The Oranges:

David and Paige Walling (Hugh Laurie, Catherine Keener) and Terry and Cathy Ostroff (Oliver Platt, Allison Janney) are best friends and neighbors living on Orange Drive in suburban New Jersey. Their comfortable existence goes awry when prodigal daughter Nina Ostroff (Leighton Meester), newly broken up with her fiancé Ethan (Sam Rosen), returns home for Thanksgiving after a five-year absence. Rather than developing an interest in the successful son of her neighbors, Toby Walling (Adam Brody), which would please both families, it's her parents' best friend David who captures Nina's attention.

When the connection between Nina and David becomes undeniable, everyone's lives are thrown into upheaval, particularly Vanessa Walling's (Alia Shawkat), Nina's childhood best friend. It's not long before the ramifications of the affair begin to work on all of the family members in unexpected and hilarious ways, leading everyone to reawaken to their lives, reassess what it means to be happy, and realize that sometimes what looks like a disaster turns out to be the thing we need.

So there aren't any huge surprises there but it does have the kind of cast that might make you take a second take and maybe give it a chance at the cinema. Here's the trailer for The Oranges through TrailerAddict:

One more step away from House.



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