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300 recreated in Skyrim, in less than eight minutes

300.jpgI watched this trailer although I'm not that excited by the idea of Machinia but with this trailer created in Skyrim to recreate a fair bit of the film 300 does look rather cool. Machinia is the art of using a computer and a 3D graphics engine to create a cinematic production.

The video clip is just under eight minutes but you can get most of the story of 300 (Filmstalker review) through it and it is rather impressive to watch. I actually found the outtakes/discussion of how it did and didn't work much more interesting afterwards.

Still it is rather impressive and does show you what can be done with a home computer. Could you imagine making an original feature on technology like this? More importantly could you imagine watching a feature film made in this kind of virtual film-making? If it had a strong script and clever editing would you watch it?

You can see the 300 (Filmstalker review) film recreated by Tyrannicon right here, and over on their YouTube page there are a lot more Machinia videos as well as the outtakes/director's commentary for the short.

Here's the YouTube video for the 300 recreation in Skyrim which I discovered through Eurogamer:

Well? What did you think?



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