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Broken trailer with Roth, Murphy and Kinnear

TimRoth.jpgBroken looks to be a coming of age film that, from the trailer anyway, looks to be filled with a healthy dose of reality, by that I mean it doesn't look to be a sugary sweet coming of age tale but one that reflects how tough and cruel life can be.

I'm not really sure about this film but the actors names drew me to the film almost immediately, Tim Roth, Cillian Murphy and Rory Kinnear. There's a first time feature director with Rufus Norris, although he has directed plays, and the screenplay comes from Mark O'Rowe who wrote Intermission, Boy A and Perrier's Bounty, adapted from the Daniel Clay novel.

The blurb for Broken goes like this:

Skunk, 11, diabetic, is radiant and fragile. But his whole world changes when, witnesses a brutal attack, she sees the reassuring certainties of childhood give way to injustice, danger and fear ... While Skunk finds a refuge with Rick , his neighbor, a nice boy damaged by life, she must make a choice: stay in a life she was not intended or leave scraps behind it to take a new path?

It's certainly Tim Roth, Cillian Murphy and Rory Kinnear that will pull you into this film from the off but I do like the fact that the trailer, which you're about to see through TrailerAddict, does seem to suggest it is the more reality based growing up tale than we're used to.

Here's the trailer for Broken:

It does look interesting and I like the feel of the trailer which suggests plenty but doesn't give anything away.



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