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Butter trailer will surprise you

Butter.jpgI have to admit when I read the blurb for the trailer for this film I was instantly turned off, it sounded like another idiotic American romantic comedy that's churned (ouch) out one after the other and spread (ouch again) so thickly through the cinemas that you can't avoid them. However I watched the Butter trailer and I was surprised, very surprised.

Not just surprises at the talent involved, although the appearance of Jennifer Garner did little to shake the poor romantic comedy idea away, but at how funny and rather quirky it all appeared. Butter might just be among the cream that rises to the top in the churn of romantic comedies.

I'll stop now, really I will. Let me pass you over to the blurb for Butter and let you read it for yourself, but don't let it turn you off, keep pressing onto the trailer:

When her husband is unceremoniously asked to step down after taking first prize for fifteen years as the master Butter Carver at the Iowa State Fair, the limelight-seeking, ultra-competitive Laura Pickler takes on a 12-year-old, African-American butter sculpting prodigy in a butter carving contest of epic proportions

Butter was directed by Jim Field Smith who also directed She's out of My League, and stars Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, Olivia Wilde, Alicia Silverstone, Rob Corddry, Ty Burrell and Ashley Greene.

So if you were surprised by all that, which I was, then the trailer is going to surprise you even more, perhaps even make you laugh, Wilde's stripper character certainly has some good moments. Here it is through Yahoo Movies and TrailerAddict:



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