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Deleted Scenes from Prometheus revealed

Prometheus.jpgI've said from the beginning that there feels like two stories in Prometheus, the Alien prequel film and the film that Damon Lindelof wrote, pulled together into one story with too much cut out of each for it to really stand alone. It's clear that there's a lot missing from each of the stories and if they'd just made one or extended the running time and left in footage it might have been eons better than it was.

So it is that the announcement of the deleted scenes for the disc release of Prometheus (Filmstalker review) arrives, how long these scenes are and their titles. Although there are no real descriptions there are some very interesting titles.

When a film heads to DVD, Blu-ray or online and there are additional features added here in Britain the BBFC, British Board of Film Classification, review them and assign a rating to each one. In doing so they reveal on their own site the titles, running times and some comments about the content to make sure that the public are suitably informed. So when Prometheus submitted their extras that's what the BBFC have done nad now we know what those deleted scenes are.

The BBFC site, through Bleeding Cool and ShockTillYouDrop tells us that in total the running time of the deleted scenes are a mere thirty four minutes and fifty four seconds, not that long really, however in context they just might plug some of those gaps and fill out the cracks a little.

Here's the list:

00:02:31:16 (Arrival Of The Engineers)
00:00:58:05 (T'is the Season)
00:00:42:08 (Our First Alien)
00:00:42:14 (Skin)
00:01:22:01 (We're Not Alone Anymore)
00:02:57:01 (Strange Bedfellows)
00:01:25:04 (Holloway Hungover)
00:00:23:12 (David's Objective)
00:03:27:07 (Janek Fills Vickers In)
00:03:40:12 (A King Has His Reign)
00:02:01:24 (Fitfield Attacks)
00:04:06:06 (The Engineer Speaks)
00:05:30:04 (Final Battle)
00:05:05:19 (Paradise)

Now that's interesting, some of these titles do suggest something such as the two minutes more on the Arrival of the Engineers, that could be at the beginning of the film and might just give us some more explanation to the core question of the story.

Our First Alien is a title that certainly intrigues, is this going to give us a little explanation of the first encounter the Engineers have with the Alien? Perhaps explain why they already have huge carvings of the final Alien we see in the pure Alien films inside their spaceship? Perhaps, but it is only forty odd seconds worth.

I'm also interested in the scenes of David's Objective and Janek Fills Vickers In, more of David is a great thing and they both sound like explanation scenes with the Janek scene running to three minutes forty, that's a fair bit of explanation, hopefully not just a straight character download to explain things to the audience as we saw in the final film.

Then there's the fact that we're getting four minutes of The Engineer Speaks, more explanation and this time from a character we really could do with some explanation from.

Five minutes more of the battle with the Engineer as well as five minutes more of Paradise, perhaps more explanation before the ship flies off into the atmosphere or maybe even something after.

I've got to say that these deleted scene titles are really interesting. Now we need to see them.

Along with the deleted scenes there are all the other extras announced, with some iTunes, TV Spots and Trailers come some more extras, I've pulled them from the BBFC site for you along with their running times:

Space Travel - 2m 12s
First Look - 11m 31s
A Film Thirty Years in the Making - Prometheus - 1m 33s
Screen Tests: Costum/Make-Up/Hair Test with Optional Commentary by the Cast - 10m 58s
The Story - Prometheus [International Creation] - 3m 11s
The Story - Prometheus [Creation] - 3m 11s
Charlize on Vickers - 1m 16s
Additional Material Shaw - 1m 16s
Additional Material Logan Holloway - 1m 10s
Noomi Rapace on Shaw - 1m 31s
Enhancement Pods - 63m 16s
Screen Tests (X2) (Naomi Rapace Screen Test and Hair/Makeup/Costume Screen Test) - 20m 28s
Prometheus Unbound: Post-Production and Release - 29m 26s
Peter Wayland Files (Quiet Eye: Elizabeth Shaw, Prometheus Transmission, Happy Birthday David, Ted Conference) - 17m 58s
Pre-Visualizations (Prologue, Discovering The Planet, Med-Pod Sequence: Pg-13 Version, Med-Pod Sequence: R Version, Awaking The Engineer, Prometheus Vs. Juggernaut) - 24m 26s Reverse Engineering - USCSS Prometheus - 15m 36s
Audio Description 3D - 118m 38s

Interesting that the Enhancement Pods runs to over an hour, I think these are short pieces you can watch on your own or chose to have them played along with the film, or at least highlight during the film when you can select them to get more information. On closer investigation of that one I've pulled out what that breaks down to:

00:02:29:13 The Title Conundrum
00:03:12:00 Prometheus: The Board Game
00:01:46:07 Sexburster
00:04:30:16 Knick Knacks of Tomorrow
00:05:57:00 Fun With Molecular Gastronomy
00:02:13:07 Building Better Logos
00:01:51:16 Maker's Mark
00:02:02:00 The Ampule Shoppe
00:03:45:02 Language of The Gods
00:05:31:18 First Exposure: Alien
00:01:04:12 Body Mechanics: Trilobite
00:01:20:12 Xenomorphology: The Deacon
00:01:55:07 Constrictive Construction
00:03:53:19 Chair Fetish
00:01:47:11 One Day in Africa
00:03:24:13 Location: Iceland
00:01:29:15 The Art of Terraforming
00:03:07:08 Battle of The Planets: Lv-223 Vs. Lv-426
00:06:00:19 All Things Holographic
00:02:31:05 Weyland's Wet Dream
00:02:24:04 The Case of the Fanfic Fake
00:00:58:01 Merging Ridleyverses

You might be wondering though is the Audio Description all I'm getting in terms of additional audio tracks? Well no, I saved the best till last, there are two commentaries, one from Ridley Scott and the other from Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof, that'll be interesting to hear how they discuss the story and the changes made from Spaihts Alien to Lindelof's...ermm...version.

Director's Audio Commentary - 118m 38s
Audio Commentary by Writer Jon Spaihts And Writer/Executive Producer Damon Lindelof - 118m 38s

So those are the Prometheus (Filmstalker review) extras. I'm glad of the commentaries but nothing really excites me out of the extras apart from those deleted scenes, a couple of which do sound really interesting. Could they fill in the gaps for us? It certainly doesn't seem enough footage to do that but perhaps it might smooth them over a little.



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