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Hollow trailer, the British Blair Witch?

Hollow.jpgIt's impossible not to connect this film with Blair Witch and I don't think that writer Matthew Holt or director Michael Axelgaard would, or even could, argue against the point, the trailer screams of it, literally. However the real question is will it be as good as or better? Will it really scare you and work as a horror film?

The big problem it faces, and can be seen by the telephone box reaction shot in the trailer, is will it keep your belief in the first person filming action throughout? That scene raises doubts in my head, but some of the rest does manage to put me on edge straight away.

The shot of the raincoat or the car at the end are two of the moments that do get me, and this is just the trailer for Hollow.

Saying that though the voting on IMDB for the film isn't filling me with excitement however that voting can't always be relied on and it is only at thirty-eight votes as of writing. In my experience these results don't really tell you the whole picture until they are of a much larger figure and even then I tend to look at the breakdown for country and age before I take anything from it, even then I don't use them to override my personal desire to see a film.

So that out of the way, here's the blurb for Hollow:

Old school friends Emma, James, Scott, and Lynne drive out to a cottage in remote East Anglia. They are happy, enjoying each other's company and the lonely beauty of their surroundings. But soon they uncover a macabre local legend about an evil entity. Fascinated, they delve into a dark and violent history which leads them to an ancient hollow tree by a ruined monastery. While the legend holds their attention, submerged longings and jealousies emerge between the four. Cracks appear in their relationships and slowly widen...

Now I've actually edited the blurb down at this point because just after that last sentence it begins to actually describe events in the film and I think it goes too far even if they aren't plot spoilers I think this is enough to give you what you want.

That and the trailer for Hollow through TrailerAddict:

You can easily see the similarities, it's hard not to, but I wonder if it will manage to carve enough of its own path to be a different film? I also wonder if it will manage to carry off the first person filming or fall into the Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review) trap, looking at that one telephone box scene it certainly seems odd that the member of the group would turn around for a reaction shot if everyone was so terrified.



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