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Iceman violent trailer arrives

TheIceman.jpgIt's been ages since we saw the test scene of this film about Richard Kuklinski, a man who was convicted of murdering one hundred men for a number of crime organisations in New York. The film stars Michael Shannon as the lead character who becomes a chillingly good hit-man and tells his story from his beginnings to his capture revealing that he was a family man as well as a cold blooded killer for hire.

The trailer does look powerful, carries a strong cast and has certainly got me hooked on the story. Let's see if it does the same for you.

Here's the blurb for The Iceman:

Millennium Films and Bleiberg Entertainment bring the story of notorious contract killer Richard Kuklinski, nicknamed "The Iceman," to the big screen. Inspired by actual events, "The Iceman" stars Academy Award® nominee Michael Shannon ("Revolutionary Road," "Boardwalk Empire") as the real-life hitman who in 1986 was convicted of murdering 100 men for various crime organizations around the New York area. The compelling twist to Kuklinski's story was that he was also a devoted husband and father whose family was unaware of his real profession until his arrest.

The Iceman follows Richard Kuklinski (Shannon) from his early days in the mob until his arrest in 1986. Appearing to be living the American dream with his beautiful wife, Deborah Pellicotti (Winona Ryder) and their children, in reality he is a killer-for-hire able to keep his "job" hidden from his family. When he is finally arrested by the feds in 1986, neither his wife and daughters nor their neighbors have any clue that he is a murderer. Why did he do it and how did he get away with it for so long?

Quite the cast and it's great that Michael Shannon bags the leading role but just as good to see that Ray Liotta looks like he's back to playing good roles, or hopefully he is anyway. I'm not so sure about Wynona Ryder who I find ends up playing herself every time, a wheezy, whiny character. Interesting too to see Stephen Dorff, David Schwimmer and Chris Evans in the cast list, it's pretty diverse but does have the whiff of something special.

Here's the trailer which comes from Apple Trailers through TrailerAddict, although there's no link given for the Apple Trailer and I can't find it on their site either.

It looks good doesn't it? It's an interesting story as well as a strong looking cast.

Morgan Land and the director Ariel Vromen adapted the script from the book by Anthony Bruno called The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer (Amazon.co.uk). The story is about Richard "Iceman" Kulinski, the alleged hit-man who led a double life that you would only expect to see in a film or on a television show like The Sopranos. He became one of the most notorious assassins in American history while being a model neighbour and family man at home. He claims to have killed over two hundred men and was also known to offer an additional service of making his victims suffer if the price was right.

I wonder how true the film will be to the claimed events?



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