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Killing Them Softly trailer has a killer Pitt

KillingThemSoftly.jpgThe trailer for Killing Them Softly is a little confusing as to what we're getting but a few things are clear. One is that there's a great cast, two is that Brad Pitt is playing a not so nice guy, and three is that the film is really intriguing as it comes from writer and director Andrew Dominik.

Why should that last point matter? Well Chopper and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford are the two titles I have to reply to that question.

Brad Pitt takes the lead of the film but he's there with James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins, Ray Liotta, Sam Shepard, Ben Mendelsohn and Scoot McNairy, and that's an interesting list of actors who you don't necessarily think of lying down on the same cast list.

Andrew Dominik has adapted the story from the novel which, well, let me pass you over to the blurb to tell the story.

Adapted from George V. Higgins novel and set in New Orleans, Killing Them Softly follows professional enforcer, Jackie Cogan (Pitt), who investigates a heist that occurs during a high stakes, mob-protected, poker game. The film also features Scoot McNairy (Monsters), Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom), Ray Liotta, Richard Jenkins (The Visitor), with James Gandolfini, Vincent Curatola, Max Casella and Sam Shepard among others.

The trailer for Killing Them Softly does look good, even if you are left unsure as to who and what all the characters are about and exactly what the plot might be, but it's the cast, the lead and the writer/director that have me pulled in.

Let's see if the trailer for Killing Them Softly does it for you as well. It comes through TrailerAddict:



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