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Loft remake trailer sneaks out

Loft.jpgI don't think this is an official trailer for the remake of Loft and I'm not sure that it will be around for too long, especially as I think it might just give a little too much away from the film but bear in mind I haven't seen the original.

Speaking of which Erik Van Looy directs the film which he first directed in Belgium in 2008 from Bart De Pauw's screenplay, and which now has been written by Wesley Strick for the American remake starring Karl Urban, Wentworth Miller, James Marsden, Eric Stonestreet, Rhona Mitra, Rachael Taylor, Isabel Lucas and Margarita Levieva.

The original Loft was already remade in 2010 as, wait for it, Loft. The Dutch film was written by Bart De Pauw and Saskia Noort and directed by Antoinette Beumer although it isn't as highly liked as the original.

The story sounds interesting, four friends get together and purchase a loft apartment where they can hold up and have their extramarital affairs in secret, sounds ideal for them, until one day when one of them arrives to find a woman murdered in the bed and each of them a suspect.

I wonder though does the trailer go too far? Well I think I've answered my question after watching the two trailers for the original Loft with English subtitles, while the first is more mysterious with a lot of visual checks in the remake, the second is much closer and does tell more of the story rather than just that of the men.

Here's the new trailer from YouTube for the new Loft which I heard about online, the story was promptly removed and then I found it directly:

You can see a couple of trailers for the original film with English subtitles over at the official site for the first Loft. Once in just select EN from the top right, head to the video option and watch away.

I find it interesting that Erik Van Looy, the original director, would decide to do the American remake, I wonder if it is in response to the Dutch remake or just because he was given the chance to do more with it? I do hope it lives up to the original though and hasn't been dumbed down. Mind you I am making the assumption the original is good.



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