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More Batman after The Dark Knight Rises?

TheDarkKnightRises.jpgIn a discussion about the big budget sequels that are due to come out over the next year or two it was revealed that although Christopher Nolan may be done with the Dark Knight, Warner Bros. are most definitely not.

Before we go any further I better issue the usual spoiler warnings, I'm going to mention events that happen at the end of The Dark Knight Rises (Filmstalker review) and where it could lead. Big spoilers if you haven't seen the film.

Again, I'll just remind you of the potential spoilers before we continue; I'm going to be discussing the ending of The Dark Knight Rises and what may come next.

Amongst all the talk of the big sequels happening over the next few years an article over at The Hollywood Reporter talks about Warner Bros. and reveals that they have plans for Batman.

It's interesting because after watching The Dark Knight Rises (Filmstalker review) I had through that Christopher Nolan had left it open for the franchise to continue, and in the Filmstalker Film Club Audiocast Special where we discuss The Dark Knight Rises both Mark and I believed that there's an opening for Nolan and Christian Bale to return, after a good period of time, to deliver us the iconic Batman story of The Dark Knight Returns.

However where Mark and I do disagree is what will happen in the meantime. There's the option for Warner Bros. to wait and do nothing, waiting for Nolan to return, something I don't think will happen for Hollywood has proven time and time again if there's a sniff of profit reboots, restarts and sequels without any of the previous cast or crew involved, are not beneath them, in fact they are openly sought out.

Another option is that they will continue with a film for Robin and/or Catwoman. For me the idea of a Catwoman isn't an attractive one, they've proven before it doesn't work and the character doesn't have enough to come close to a franchise never mind a successful film, and she doesn't really belong in a Batman franchise.

Robin? Well there's the chance that they could have a Robin character, after all the end of the The Dark Knight Rises (Filmstalker review)has left it wide open for him. However I'm not so sure a Robin character would work. Sure he could be rebooted as Batman has been, but there's a much more comic view of Robin and there's a lot more prejudice from straight film audiences to get by. Robin, like Catwoman, hasn't had a successful outing.

For me the way Robin seems to be going, and reflecting the idea in the comic books of late, is into the costume of Batman. He's just inherited everything that Wayne did and we see him entering the bat cave so why wouldn't he don the suit and continue the fight? The only thing standing in his way is that Gotham believes he is dead, one reason why you might see plenty of criminals take to Gotham.

I believed that the studio would continue with the franchise and not wait years for a possible Nolan led Dark Knight Returns, and so The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the film that has grossed $543.5 million worldwide so far has sparked Warner Bros. forward to continue the franchise. Their wording doesn't tell us the direction though saying that it could be a stand-alone franchise or part of the Justice League ensemble film.

I think that even if the character appears in a Justice League film they will still want to continue the franchise with Batman and his stand-alone films and it will most likely be with Robin in the suit or just a new character to fill the suit.



I don't think we're going to see another film in the Nolan-verse without Nolan and considering they are semi-officially planning a JLA movie, my money is on the probability that they would reboot the franchise once more with a Batman that is more viable in a universe co-existant with Superman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and other alien characters and villains.

I don't think they would be keep two versions of the bat running at the same time, that would be confusing to the larger audience.


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