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New Taken 2 trailer gives a little more

Taken2.jpgA new Taken 2 trailer has appeared online and it does offer a little bit more, not much though, but a little bit that delivers an interesting twist to the opening of the story.

While it's clear that we're going to be seeing Liam Neeson's character Bryan Mills back in his previous action role it doesn't look like he's going to be there to begin with.

This trailer for Taken 2 expands on the beginning of the story, or at least what we think will be the beginning. Mills and his wife are kidnapped and it would seem from the sequence of events that the daughter is left out on her own. So how does he escape? Perhaps with a little help from her? Maybe, he is seen to be giving her instructions in some previous trailers.

However it's not long before he's into his old mode and he's doing what he does. Taken 2.

Here's the new trailer through Coming Soon:



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