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Original Saw for a remake?

Saw-Jigsaw.jpgI must admit that I've heard this idea before that while the Saw franchise has been racing "forward", I use quotes as I only mean forward in reference to the numbering of a franchise not anything more, but the rumour has surfaced again from a "source". While it may be an old source, one out for glory, or just the tea lady at Lionsgate, it does hold some whiff of possibility.

Oh yes, Saw is a very young film and the franchise was taken off in one direction that it seems couldn't be revisited, but remade perhaps.

Thinking back to Saw there was a lot of potential in that film and I, like some others, do think that the franchise went off in the fiendish traps direction instead of trying to really play on the potential of Saw, the ploy within a ploy and the cleverness of it all. It wasn't just a series of traps, in fact that was just the window dressing and it's that window dressing that became the main draw of the franchise.

Could there really be more in a new Saw franchise? Well the "source" of Bloody Disgusting through The Guardian believes there could be, that or a new film in the existing franchise, which kind of totally negates the idea of a rebooted franchise. Perhaps the source could also have included the option of no Saw at all and therefore covered all their options?

There's no doubting though that the original Saw from James Wan and Leigh Whannell was the best of the series and was much more intricate and clever than a single trap.

I wonder though if they don't need to remake the first film and should concentrate on remaking the second, after all that's where the franchise started turning away from what Saw delivered. That film was original and inventive, we really needed to see the second film follow that and top it.

However let's be realistic here, Hollywood will not manage to do that. The reason Saw was inventive and original was because two new talents arrived on the scene with their idea, Hollywood milked them and the original dry, and unless they get more talented people appearing on the scene with new and inventive ideas it will simply be another remake of the original.

That is a remake of the original with the standard Hollywood studio idiom of "more and bigger".



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