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Paranormal Activity 4 dual trailers

ParanormalActivity4.jpgHonestly I don't know why I'm writing about Paranormal Activity 4 as another franchise takes the same key points again and again, replays them with the sole intention of squeezing all the cash it can out of a film.

I thought Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review) was contrived, forced and really not scary so I don't think I'll feel any different about this fourth film especially after seeing the trailers.

Mind you, I have to give credit to a few shots in here which look good, see the one with the child and the outside lights, and the fact that they've tried to fit the hand-held camera work a little more into the story and less as a constant reminder that you're watching a film and this is far from anything that could happen in reality.

The first trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 comes through TrailerAddict and goes like this:

The second also comes through TrailerAddict and also goes something like this:

Very similar and not very scary really, but the exciting thing about the film is that...well...the plot isn't known yet. Yeah, that's perhaps it. No, the exciting part is apparently that this film goes forward in the Paranormal Activity timeline, after all it says all the activity has lead to this as its tagline. No, that's not exciting either. Let's just move on and let this be the last. Put down the camera already.



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