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Prometheus sequel is on and other sequel news

Prometheus.jpgWas it any surprise that a sequel to Prometheus (Filmstalker review), the Alien/non-Alien prequel, was going to happen? Well I think it is actually, although the film had a big success and had all those big names behind it I'm not sure it worked out quite how everyone had hoped, it definitely didn't for me.

So it perhaps is a surprise to some other people too to hear that 20th Century Fox is moving forward with a sequel to the film and that the two stars of the original that matter are back on board. However there's a name that's noticeably missing, and it might just be for the better.

The name that is missing from the sequel discussions is the second writer on Prometheus (Filmstalker review), Damon Lindelof, the writer that might be considered to take the blame for the problems with the film, if you were one of the people who believed the film had problems, I know I am.

However it's not entirely fair to drop the blame on him and this doesn't appear to be the reason that he's not involved in the sequel. First let's cover the information we know.

The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon reveal that Fox has told them that they are starting work on a sequel and that both Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are contracted to return to their roles in the sequel. They also say that Lindelof is not necessarily signed to return as the screenwriter and they suggest that the studio is talking to other writers for the film.

So there's nothing concrete there apart from the studio admitting that they are now looking at the sequel as a real project and that Fassbender and Rapace have a clause in their contract to return, should they agree of course.

Lindelof doesn't seem to be associated because he may not have that clause in his contract, after all he was brought in to rewrite Jon Spaiht's original script, and as we've heard with other projects he was associated with, he's busy with other projects. So it may not be that he's shouldering any responsibility for the poorer reviews.

While I think he should take a little it's not all his fault. Prometheus (Filmstalker review) suffered from trying to be two stories, the non-Alien prequel and the clear Alien prequel, both of which were crammed in there and neither story had the development or depth to allow it to work fully.

Without being involved in the production what it clearly looks like from the outside is that Spaihts wrote the Alien prequel and Lindelof turned it into Prometheus. I'm not convinced he wrote what we saw on the screen as it really does feel as though he wrote the non-Alien prequel and then the two were joined together to make Prometheus.

We're told that the budget for the film was US $130 million and it grossed $303 million globally, while many say that's not great it still spells some $273 million return, and surely that works out to be a decent profit, and one of the reasons why the studio will be keen to move on with a Prometheus sequel.

Fox President of Production Emma Watts has revealed that Ridley Scott is also keen to return to the franchise:

"Ridley is incredibly excited about the movie, but we have to get it right. We can't rush it..."

Yeah he said that about Prometheus. She also reveals that the sequel would hit in 2014 or 2015, not a great surprise.

I think it's clear that they'll go ahead with the sequel and we'll see the stars and director return, however I think they will look to other writers for whatever reason we hear when it comes, and maybe this film won't be two halves of two separate stories.

It's also worth noting that the The Hollywood Reporter story reveals a few other big sequels coming.

One is a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel but without director Rupert Sanders whose contract, according to insiders, does not have sequel clauses.

The Amazing Spider-Man grossed over of $620 million and the sequel has been scheduled for May 2014. Apparently Sony wants the director Marc Webb to return for the sequel but they say he has an obligation to Fox that is making the discussions complication.

They also reveal that Sony has said that it is committed to the continuing franchise of Men in Black following on from Men in Black 3.

On a possible Avengers sequel the story says that their "insiders" claim Marvel will be holding off until they have Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy all made before they return to the big budget, big starred sequel.



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