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Ryan leaves Clancy Without Remorse

JackRyan.jpgJack Ryan's doing rather well without Tom Clancy, well on film anyway and in production that is, as casting news develops we hear not only that Jack Ryan's reboot is doing even better than first thought but also that there are big plans for the spin off series Without Remorse which will concentrate on John Kelly aka John Clark, the character you may remember from Clear and Present Danger.

Once upon a time we thought that the Jack Ryan films wouldn't continue, especially not without Harrison Ford and especially not when we heard the news that they were continuing the film franchise but without Tom Clancy behind it. It all seemed to spell disaster. These days it looks like there's going to be a lot more life in it than we first thought.

First up there's the new Jack Ryan film called just that, for now anyway, directed by Kenneth Branagh who is now starring as the leading villain it stars Chris Pine as the young Ryan and some interesting writing talent behind the film with Adam Cozad, David Koepp, Anthony Peckham and Steven Zaillian.

Mind you that list of writing names also reveals the busy past that the script has had, morphing from stories that were not Jack Ryan stories and undergoing some big changes to come to the script we are going to see now in Jack Ryan.

Now we're hearing from Deadline that Keira Knightley is joining the film to play the character of that Anne Archer did in the previous Jack Ryan films where Harrison Ford played Ryan, that of his wife, although in these early films they won't be married just yet.

The big rumour here is that she is apparently she's optioned for more films and that will undoubtedly be the same for Pine and so we could be looking at a trilogy of Ryan origin films.

Kenneth Branagh has said that this film is a modern action thriller that will explain why and how Jack Ryan becomes a CIA analyst from the financial analyst that he begins as. It will be an interesting origin story that's for sure, and a potentially strong one that I do believe could easily continue with a number of films to follow, and that's all down to the names involved.

That isn't everything though as Kevin Costner also has a role in the Jack Ryan film that reveals another plan the studio has for the franchise, a spin off franchise with a reality based action hero in the form of John Clark, formerly John Kelly in the upcoming Without Remorse. He was played by Willem Dafoe in Clear and Present Danger, and his origin story will also be told soon after Ryan's.

Back to the Costner character, he will play William Harper who recruits and mentors both Ryan and Kelly/Clark into their roles and so it would seem that he'll appear in Jack Ryan and Without Remorse with the potential of further appearances in future films for both franchises.

So going from a huge quiet period and a number of failed attempts at bringing the character back to the big screen, Jack Ryan looks set to return in a new franchise and also create a spin off series for another Ryan character to potentially carry forward at the same time.

A double franchise reboot is rather ambitious, especially without the connection of Clancy, but you know what? I think with all this talent on board this could really work.



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