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Snow White and the Huntsman sequel loses Snow White

KristenStewart.jpgThe news has just arrived that, shock horror if you didn't know, since Kristen Stewart the person is not the perfect example of humanity that every other actor and actress is (this is indeed sarcasm) then she can no longer play the character of Snow White in the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman.

So what does that mean? Recasting her character with someone whose private life isn't like most other people on the planet? Oh no. Let's create a sequel without Snow White. What?

Yes I did say that. Apparently Kristen Stewart will not be in the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman so instead Universal are planning on a spin off that will focus solely on the Huntsman character. What's the point of that? Really?

I could understand if they were about to make two or three sequels to the film perhaps one on each major character - The Huntsman, Snow White and Ravenna - but to just make the sequel about The Huntsman and drop undoubtedly the main character of the story? It seems ludicrous and destined for a less than positive run at the cinema, if it even makes it there.

Now to be fair there's no reason given about why Kristen Stewart is being dropped from the sequel and the Snow White character won't be appearing but it can't be because the studio believes that the Snow White story would be better progressed without the Snow White character.

While the story in The Hollywood Reporter doesn't tell us that Rupert Sanders is definitely returning to direct the sequel I think that it's clear there are two reasons for Kristen Stewart and the Snow White character being dropped.

The first is that Rupert Sanders is returning and the two couldn't work together but then why didn't they just replace the actress in the leading role as studios and productions have done time and time again? More to the point why couldn't they work together like adults?

The second is that the studio decided that the idea of having the Snow White character especially played by Kristen Stewart was going to attract too much negative publicity and the comments about her personal life associated with the Snow White character. Well of course it will but then it's still advertising, and isn't this just a little bit of double standards?

Let's be fair we have nothing to say that she is off the film because of what has happened in her private life but it does seem a little odd. Can you believe that the studio just decided to make a Huntsman film without Snow White? I can't.

Either way it's a bad move. The Huntsman is not a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman by any means and removing Stewart reeks of the double standards of the Hollywood image. She did what happens in real life to real people all the time, and she is a real person, and while it's not morally right to do what both those consenting adults did it happens in real life all the time and who's to say they might not be right for each other?

Except in the Hollywood world the parties involved issue statements, apologise for acting like everyone else, have to lie to present an image that has been presented in their films - face it people Kristen Stewart is not Bella, she's an actress - then we'll hear the different sides of the story in the marketed and spun media interviews designed purely to get the individuals image back on track and so on.

I'm sure you can look in your workplace to someone that has had an affair, no matter what the outcome afterwards, and see that they haven't been sacked from their job because of it. Some might even suggest that we've seen actors, as in the male "actor", do such things before and not be dropped from a franchise.

I'd like to see what would hurt the franchise more, dropping Stewart and Snow White and making a sequel called The Huntsman or keeping her in and making a real sequel to the original film. Perhaps change the director on the film; after all if we're making moral stands here shouldn't the married partner attract more scorn?

Let's calm down a little and remind ourselves that we really don't know why this decision has been made and with the writer David Koepp being dropped as well it does mark a big step away. Still any way you look at it this isn't good for a Snow White and the Huntsman franchise is it?



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