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The Dark Tower dumped by Universal, finds funding elsewhere

TheDarkTower.jpgThe Dark Tower isn't getting an easy time on its way to production, even with Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Akiva Goldsman behind the Stephen King adaptation, even their names and reputations aren't helping studios decide to tackle the massive project of the nine volume King series that the team behind it plan to turn into three films and two miniseries to fill in the gaps between the films.

Ambitious indeed, but we're talking Howard, Grazer and Goldsman developing the best ever Stephen King work into a property to rival Potter, Rings, and other such massive franchises.

So who's surprised that Warner Bros. has become the second big Hollywood studio that has said no to The Dark Tower property? On the one hand this has the potential to be huge; Stephen King doesn't have a small following by any means, and neither does The Dark Tower. That said, it is a riskier proposition than going for a teen-friendly series like Harry Potter, and that's what the studio would have been thinking, cash returns versus cash investment.

The risk appears to have been too great for Warner Bros. adding to the previous Universal disappointment as the story from The Hollywood Reporter tells us.

Interestingly the story has a little aside about the script; they have some details of how the script from Akiva Goldsman has changed from the opening novel. Apparently the script will open on Earth and stretches into the second book. Unfortunately that's the only titbit we get, mind you there's some more news to come, this time from Deadline.

If you thought that The Dark Tower was going to be dead after this, think again, after all I still think that this is a huge property and the big names behind it aren't dropping it easily.

According to the story Media Rights Capital is in talks to take the project on, or at least to finance a great deal of it. They're enjoying a run of success and are apparently keen to become involved, although this is still rumour at the moment.

The article suggests that the move would be made quickly, and with them financing and having a strong deal with Universal we may see the latter take up the distribution of the company once Media Rights Capital have done the hard bit and given the team their money.

Here's hoping it moves forward and turns out well.



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