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The Paperboy trailer with Kidman, McConaughey and Cusack

ThePaperboy.jpgI am really rather happy that Matthew McConaughey has dropped away from his nice guy, romantic comedy banter and is getting his teeth back into strong roles for he is a damn good actor. So it's with interest that I see the trailer for The Paperboy from novelist and co-writer Peter Dexter and co-writer and director Lee Daniels and with surprising casting of Nicole Kidman, John Cusack, Zac Efron, Scott Glenn and David Oyelowo.

I was just talking the other day about how much I like Oyelowo, and the rest of the cast is a little diverse. Not just that but the trailer seems to suggest we're going to get a much desired strong character performance from Cusack, never mind the off the wall Kidman character.

Peter Dexter, who wrote the novel and co-wrote the screenplay, has written on The Devil and Daniel Webster, Michael and Mulholland Falls. Lee Daniels who co-wrote alongside him also co-wrote the upcoming film The Butler and directed it as well as the successful Precious. That's already a lot of talent.

The cast looks good too and not just from the strange and against type character Nicole Kidman is playing, nor that there's an interesting mix of actors in there but also for the two performances that look to promise something more from both actors than we've seen in some time. I'm talking about Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack.

Both are great actors but have had a number of roles that are easy to lean back on and haven't delivered much, perhaps McConaughey more than Cusack, but watch the trailer and you'll see that they could be on form, particularly the moments with Cusack's character.

Here's the big blurb for The Paperboy:

From Oscar® nominated director Lee Daniels comes a provocative, sexually-charged tale of desire, ambition, prejudice and crime set in the 1960s swamplands of South Florida. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, David Oyelowo, Macy Gray, John Cusack and Academy Award® winner Nicole Kidman, The Paperboy dips into the gritty human underside of a murder investigation, as a compelling cast of characters confront obsession, deception and their own dark, dark demons on the muddy road towards retribution.

It all begins in the steamy rural backwater of Moat County, Florida, where things have been done the same way for decades, yet change is bubbling beneath the surface. Boyish Jack Jansen (Efron), son of the local newspaper publisher, has just returned home after being kicked out of college, only to take the lowly job of paperboy. But that too changes when his idolized journalist brother Ward (McConaughey) comes to town from Miami on the trail of a story that could make his career.

Bringing in tow his hotshot writing partner Yardley (Oyelowo) and the alluring death-row groupie Charlotte Bless (Kidman), Ward plans to prove that an innocent man has been railroaded on his way to the electric chair. With Jack as their driver, the quartet arranges to meet Hillary Van Wetter (Cusack), the seedy alligator hunter hastily convicted of killing the local sheriff, at the prison. But what erupts between them all is a tangled web of sexual tension, mixed motives and shadowy facts that will set off not only a search for the truth but a chain reaction of passion and violence. Observing it all is Jack's only real confidante - the disregarded family maid Anita (Gray) - who watches in dismay as his innocence is turned inside out.

Now here's that trailer which comes through Yahoo Movies and TrailerAddict and makes The Paperboy look really good. I'm caught up on Cusack and Nicole Kidman in this trailer, see what you think:



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