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Unconditional trailer hits hard

Unconditional.jpgI haven't heard about Unconditional before, the first feature for writer and director Brent McCorkle but then there is something that caught my eye and drew me to the trailer, Michael Ealy. Once there the trailer does the rest of the work, telling the story and really giving a powerful hit emotionally without being overly twee.

I'm now left wondering if this film is going to be a bit of a quiet cracker. Let's see what you think after the trailer.

First up though, let's learn about the film. Here's the blurb for Unconditional:

Samantha Crawford is living a storybook life: she's happily married, she lives on a ranch where she keeps her beloved horse, and the stories she's told and illustrated since childhood have become published books.

When her husband Billy is killed in a senseless act of violence, Sam loses her faith and her will to live. But a death-defying encounter with two children leads to a reunion with Joe, her oldest friend. Inspired by true events, Unconditional stars Michael Ealy (Think Like A Man) and Lynn Collins (John Carter).

As Sam watches Papa Joe care for and love the kids in his under-resourced neighbourhood, she begins to realize that no matter life's circumstances, the love of God is always reaching out to us.

I do like Michael Ealy and it looks like Lynn Collins is going to give an equally powerful performance to match him. The trailer does have a strong emotional core to it and it looks like the film could follow that.

Here's the Unconditional trailer through TrailerAddict, see what you think of it.

I do hate to see those words "inspired by" actual or real events in a film because it really does make me question how much is real and suddenly I'm doubtful, but that shouldn't matter in a good film, should it?



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