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Lincoln teaser teases the trailer

LincolnPoster.jpgSteven Spielberg's Lincoln has a very short teaser trailer which I don't think is working and is most likely detracting from the impact of the trailer itself. What it's supposed to be doing is building up the hype to the trailer release, but I wonder if it's just taken away some of the impact of the trailer.

I say that because we're seeing Lincoln in it and it already has revealed some of the epic-ness intended for the trailer and for the film itself.

Of course there's the other annoyance of the release of the teaser trailer building to the actual trailer, teaser trailers which are really only there for selling to the huge cinematic fans who watch out for any mention of a film, usually bloggers and writers. So really this is only to build the marketing campaign, or am I wrong?

Are you excited by this teaser for Lincoln?

Here it is through TrailerAddict:



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