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New Skyfall trailer builds dread and action

Skyfall.jpgThere's a new international trailer out for Skyfall, Bond's latest outing, and it looks fantastic, I mean really fantastic, but there's one element that shines through very clearly and that puts to bed something I had thought Skyfall was doing, something that I felt was losing what the new Bond was bringing to us, the beginning.

Actually there's something else that comes through the trailer very clearly, action. There's going to be a lot of action and this isn't going to be easy for Bond as he faces another foe who seems to be well matched for him and his resources, in fact I'd say overly so.

I have always been concerned that since Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review) messed up the storyline of the beginning of Bond by not bothering with storytelling or a perhaps even a script come the end of the film and the opening trilogy idea was dropped that we wouldn't get to see this new, slightly green Bond again. It felt as though that film had ruined the excellent groundwork that Casino Royale (Filmstalker review) had laid for the character and the series.

What we were seeing was the conception of the Bond we know as a standard operative was changed through personal tragedies and new challenges and adventures, all of which seemed to overwhelm him at times, to become this super-spy. This story was going to be stretched out along multiple films, beginning with this defining trilogy that would see his core character created.

It didn't seem as though we were going to be limited to that trilogy though and the building of Bond would continue on for some time, but when Quantum of Solace dropped the idea on its head I started getting worried about the comments coming out about the next Bond film.

It did seem as though the plan was to drop the storylines that the films had been setting up and leap forward with Bond, just move onto a brand new story and leap forward in his evolution. Except it was missing the key point that the problem wasn't Bond and this beginning story because it went so well in Casino Royale, the problem was the complete mishandling of the story in Quantum of Solace, the pathetic business man villain and a lack of storytelling or conclusion for the latter half of the film.

Yet they seemed to have taken it to heart and the new Bond was moving forward especially since they now had a young Q character as well, they looked like they were racing to get Bond back to where he was.

Now, watching the trailer, I'm pulling back from that disheartening feeling a little and it does look like Bond is once again well over his head and that he's been thrown into situations he's really not ready for. Watching the footage it feels much more like the first film for the character rather than the old Bond, and I'm beginning to wonder if they've just dropped the storyline from the previous films and kept the fact that the character is really still learning, only a few operations into his career, and far from the Bond we used to know.

At least that's what I'm hoping for, and if Skyfall delivers it then we now know we have two more Bond films with Daniel Craig to look forward to.

Here's the new Skyfall trailer which sees M and the security service come under a terrible threat from her past, and Bond is the only one who can stop it. Here's the trailer through TrailerAddict:

It does look good and anyone who doubted that Sam Mendes was going to bring the action to the franchise has just had their answer.



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