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RoboCop story details revealed?

NewRoboCop.jpgThe new RoboCop has been going through some casting changes of late and there have been the usual rumours of trouble on the production this time with a third party conversation saying that the director was struggling with the project and then denials, but there hasn't been a lot about the film itself coming out, until now.

Now someone claiming to have read the script has revealed some interesting points about how RoboCop operates and how he will be created by OCP. They aren't huge spoilers but they are interesting to hear and, if true, set a strong tone for the remake.

Now these don't seem to be total spoilers, they are very clearly at the beginning of the film and I'm pretty certain it isn't anything that wouldn't be revealed in the first few trailers for the new RoboCop, however I have to warn you that these could be spoilers, if they are indeed true.

They come through a series of posts by a SuperheroHype forum member called Solidus that JoBlo discovered and has been dropping little bits of information about the film. It could be a marketing executive on the film using social media to their advantage, and especially so since these aren't big spoilers; it could be a genuine person who has read the script in some form on its journey, or it could be someone making it all up from their own head. Yet that said all the information does sound interesting and potentially strong.

Looking at the information they have it seems as though the new RoboCop has been modernised. His technology will link with other robotic technology around him so we won't just be seeing closed robotic systems we'll be seeing him link to anything computerised around the city from television cameras to other robotic systems. Apparently he connects to his motorbike in an interesting way.

One of the cool uses of this technology is when analysing a crime scene and pulling together all the information he can access in a virtual crime scene. You can start to visualise some interesting ideas already.

His armour does change which is something people were concerned about, however we're assured it's not transformer like but that it seems to shift its configuration very quickly to suit tactical moments.

The real meat of this though is how he is created, and this is where the spoilers come so I would consider whether you wanted to read on.

It seems that in the remake Murphy is the perfect candidate for the RoboCop programme but they can't figure out a way to get him on board so they seem to stage an accident that will destroy everything they don't need of him and leave just what they do, then they set about manipulating the media and the family into the situation where Murphy will be perfect for the RoboCop programme.

By the way the OCP programme sounds more like a programme now rather than a one-time creation as we hear that RoboCop may be more human than we thought to begin with and through upgrades and changes he becomes more and more like the robotic policeman we know from the original. To a point that is.

You can read a few more details of that over on the original forum posts or through JoBlo, but that's the summary that doesn't delve too far into it, and it's sounding really positive so far.

Not only have they updated the technology behind RoboCop but they are updating the behaviour of the company and putting a lot more into that thread. I think this could be rather interesting after all, or you could argue that it could turn out like Total Recall where they added more tech and updated the story while at the same time going back to the original story.

However I don't think that argument holds true after all we have a strong cast and José Padilha as director from a screenplay that includes James Vanderbilt's skills, I think we are heading for something meatier and more intelligent. I wonder if the audience will take to that.



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