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Does female Expendables miss the point?

GinaCarano.jpgThere's growing excitement that a female version of The Expendables is being gathered, already there are cast members signed and more in the sights of the producers, but isn't there a major ingredient missing from the female version that wasn't in the male, and I'm not talking about men.

The main reason for the Expendables and the hook that gathered so much fan interest was that the film was pulling back together the big stars of old school action films - Stallone, Lundgren, Van Damme, Norris, Schwarzenegger, Willis - and of course it was adding in some new names but the big draw was the explosive combination of action stars we'd never been able to see together.

So how can the female Expendables offer us that? So far we've heard that Katee Sackhoff and Gina Carano are destined for the cast and there are more names that will surely follow, but there's something missing, the classic action stars.

The big problem of course is there really isn't the classic action star that The Expendables brought us, and while that's a fault of the older action films not managing to successfully create female action stars as we have today, and to a degree it's easy to say that they still haven't successfully created a female action star of the heights of the big names in Expendables, it's still one of the main ingredients of the Expendables that a female version will be missing.

Katee Sackhoff is really known for Battlestar Galactica, 24 and to a much lesser degree the resurgence of Bionic Woman whereas Gina Carano is known for real life mixed martial arts fighting and the cracking action film Haywire (Filmstalker review). Both stars are very recent and only one can really be described as an action star.

Now I'm not having a go at the actresses and their careers, just the idea of the female Expendables. It's as though The Expendables was cast with young actors who only have a couple of films under their belts, and in some cases not even action films or films that have been a success. It doesn't have the same impact or hook as The Expendables does it?

I'm wondering how you could categorise the two actresses who have been cast for this film already, they both aren't action or science fiction stars, they aren't both carrying a similar fan base, it's hard to do.

I can't help but think that the female Expendables is missing the main hook that made the Expendables films so strong, surely it will just be an action film with an all female leading cast, although that in itself is something different.



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