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Evil Dead adults only trailer

EvilDead.jpgThis is the first official point that the Evil Dead remake can stand up for itself, the official release of the official trailer, boy that's a lot of officials in there. I say that because we've already seen a bootlegged copy of the video which I think was a little more effective in getting across the gore and horror aspect.

This trailer delivers the same level of horror though and at the start builds a little more of the story, so it's a good trailer and it's also good to see they haven't watered it down. I wonder though, will it win you over and drop the remake concerns?

I'm sure everyone involved hopes it does and particularly producers Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert G. Tapert who have been telling us so do.

You can see the new Evil Dead trailer right here from IGN through the L.A. Times, I think it's really strong as a horror film and it's recreating some of the old sequences in a modern take and they look like they'll be horrific and scary, see what you think:

So what now? What about the rest of the film? Has Fede Alvarez managed to pull off what Diablo Cody, Sam Raimi and Rodo Sayagues have scripted? Is this going to manage to win over fans of the original and stop the concern over the remake moniker?



If anything I think we're in for a satisfying horror movie but I don't see this being as influential or groundbreaking as the original was back in the day. Though to be fair, its a very saturated genre nowadays and everything looks beyond fine so far.


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