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New dramatic Lincoln trailer

LincolnPoster.jpgA new more powerful and dramatic trailer for Steven Spielberg's Lincoln has arrived online while I was on holiday and it's looking a lot better than the previous trailer as it now begins to appeal to the non-American audience, or at least the non-Lincoln audience.

I did say before that I wasn't sure that the first teaser trailer and trailer would really sell the film to those non-Americans, after all this epic moment in American history doesn't have as much impact to those outside America, particularly with a short trailer to try and sell them on it.

One good aspect about it though is that it might just tell those still at school the truth instead of revisionist books, films and even education that seems to be a growing trend. Or at least I hope it's going to be more factually correct.

Still it will have the tough job of selling Lincoln to those who haven't grown up learning about him and whose current lives are so vested in the changes he brought through.

The story is simple and there's no real blurb to tell, the film is the story of President Lincoln as he tries to end the American Civil War, unite the country and abolish slavery. Now when you think of those tasks that he had to achieve you'll probably begin to comprehend the amount of work he had ahead of him. It's a miracle he achieved it. Wow, I think I just sold myself to the film better than the trailer did.

Here's the trailer through TrailerAddict:

You can already tell there are Oscars galore in here, and judging from the short clips in the trailer I think Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field could be in the running not to mention Steven Spielberg himself.



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