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Sugar Ray Robinson film gains lead

DavidOyelowo.jpgSugar Ray Robinson is regarded as the greatest boxer of all time, I'll give you some of the stats later but for now trust what I say, he was an amazing boxer and iconic to boot. His life is about to make it to the big screen and there's a superb actor lined up to take on the role.

Not only is he considered the greatest boxer but he also helped exposed the corruption of boxing as it was at the time, underpinned and controlled by organised crime with boxers who threw fights for money. It's going to be a great story to tell.

There's a lot more to Sugar Ray Robinson's life than just the simple facts and it appears that Wil Haygood has managed to capture the story in his biography Sweet Thunder: The Life And Times Of Sugar Ray Robinson (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which he has also managed to adapt for a screenplay. Rachael Horovitz, Danny Strong and David Oyelowo are producing the film according to The Hollywood Reporter and there's word that when a director is found that Strong may do a rewrite.

That leads me to the actor that is signed up to play Sugar Ray Robinson as I've mentioned him already, David Oyelowo. He's a great actor who'll you'll have seen in a number of films and television roles but he's not really taken the leading role in many, this is different, he's playing the leading character and perhaps the greatest boxer of all time.

Sugar Ray Robinson had an amateur run of eighty-five wins to zero losses with sixty-nine of those wins through knockouts and by 1951 he had a run of one hundred and twenty-eight wins to one draw and two losses with eighty-four of them by knockouts. That year he had held the world welterweight title for five years and also won the world middleweight title that year. Although he retired in 1952 he returned two and a half years later and regained the middleweight title and continued to win.

There's a lot more to his life than the statistics, there's his exciting life outside the ring, his fight against the corruption in boxing and his steadfast desire to stay honest and never take a fall, and the later dwindling aspects of his career that didn't make a dent in his achievements to date.

It's a hell of a role for Oyelowo but it isn't alone for he's also starring in Jack Reacher and Lincoln, although again it's a smaller role. Hopefully the Hollywood exposure as Robinson will give him some bigger roles closer to the front of that screen.



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