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Theatrical Skyfall trailer looks fantastic

Skyfall.jpgThe latest Skyfall trailer is worth highlighting not just because it's longer and contains the tiniest amount of new footage and not because it splices the two trailers together but because it just looks and feels so damned good.

I'm even almost over the idea of bringing back Q and it all started the moment I heard that Sam Mendes was directing, from there things looked like they were going to be better than Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review), after all at least they had a script.

The new trailer looks fantastic and really evokes a feeling of Bond being not quite there yet and events really looking as though they could bring him down and yet there's still that incredible Bond styling there too. Damn, Daniel Craig just gets better and better, I think I'm falling for him too.

Here's the latest Skyfall trailer through Deadline:

You're on aren't you? You know I do hope that this new film stops me talking about Solace, I really do.



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