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Theron's Viking versus Scots drama?

Scotland.jpgCharlize Theron has just delivered a little bit of a surprise with a project entitled The Clan. Her company Denver and Delilah have just sold the project to ABC, but that's not the interesting bit, it's the fact that it's going to be a Scottish story set in the Highlands during the time of Clans and Viking invaders.

The only disappointment in the story is that this is going to be a television series and not a film, but then the more televisions series about Scotland and this time in its history get made then the more chance there will be of films about this important time in Scotland's history.

Charlize Theron's company Denver and Delilah describes the drama The Clan as a sweeping drama which is set in the Highlands of Scotland (where I was born) at the time when the Clans ruled the land, and specifically when the Viking raiders (not the American Football team) sailed across to the islands and the coastline raiding villages.

According to The Hollywood Reporter through JoBlo Terry George, who wrote, produced and directed Hotel Rwanda and Reservation Road, is set to write, executive produce and direct the project with Theron also executive producing.

It all sounds really good but there are obvious concerns - will it film in Scotland? Will it star real Scottish actors? Will it stay true to history? Will it tell the story of the Scottish Clans or of the Viking attacks more than anything else?

From the tiny amount of information that we have and thinking how a dramatic television series would work well, it does sound as though the story will be looking at one Clan in particular, drawing us into the characters and their relationships and showing what they had to deal with in life at the time, the Viking attacks just being a small part of it. They would also be dealing with other Clans who they are allied with and those that they aren't as well as the other invading armies that weren't Vikings. The daily hunt for food and resources, the struggle against the elements, it was a harsh time.

My concerns really lie around the possibility that they'll just copy Game of Thrones, but its early days yet, and it is a television series so Filmstalker shouldn't need to be that concerned about it, but I am hoping that it does lead to something, something in film.

I don't think there are enough films about Scotland and this time in history, oh sure there's the old favourite Braveheart, but there are so many other historical stories to be told from this time, and good ones that could really make for strong films.

You know on another point I wonder what the SNP, the party currently leading Scotland and looking to take the country to a vote on independence, is doing about this possibility, surely they can see a positive aspect of this. If they can influence film and television makers to take audiences back to the historical past of Scotland that Scots, including myself, feel so passionately about, can't they see how they could help raise a nationalistic feeling in them?

If nothing else it should encourage the production to go to Scotland and film there and with assistance from the Scottish government.

Whatever and however I just want to see more films about Scotland's history because I'm passionate and proud about it, and the idea of a television series called The Clan excites me.



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