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Full Watchmen cut to finally get a release?

Watchmen.jpgApparently in America there was a period of time when you could get hold of the full release of Watchmen (Filmstalker review), that's the full uncut version from Zack Snyder with his Tales of the Black Freighter animation cut into the main film as the graphic novel portrayed it billed as the Ultimate Cut.

That release was out there for a while but it's very hard to get hold of on Blu-ray. The good news is now that we might all be getting a chance to get our hands on it, and released with some new content over and above the Ultimate Edition.

Watchmen (Filmstalker review) has had a couple of different releases on DVD and Blu-ray but there was always the hope of the release of the full version with the Tales of the Black Freighter, a comic book that one of the characters in the comic book reads at various points to reflect similar aspects of the main story, being intercut into the main film.

As I said that version was apparently available for a short period but I never managed to get my hands on it and although you can buy it on DVD the Blu-ray version is going for ridiculous money. Well, it was going for ridiculous money.

Speaking about the film and of course Man of Steel to L.A. Times, Zack Snyder revealed that the Ultimate Cut version of the film is going to be released again but this time with additional content, combining the Ultimate Cut edition with Alan Moore's original graphic novel.

This version is currently selling from Amazon.com currently for US $49.99, reduced from the list price of US $74.98. The great news for those outside of America is that it's still not available in this version...yet.

I honestly can't believe they aren't releasing it worldwide and making more of a deal of it, don't they at the very least want to make money from it?

I loved the film and have been dying to get hold of an Ultimate Cut at a decent price and it looks like I'm going to be stumped, along with all you out there that aren't in America. Although, perhaps not. Checking the region coding of previous Watchmen releases including the previous Ultimate Cut - the new release isn't yet tested - it would appear that most have been region free and that means the new release could be region free, although please do bear in mind I've not confirmed that as yet.

This does sound like the ultimate version of Watchmen to get however, especially as it does include the graphic novel.



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