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Original Prometheus script released

Prometheus.jpgWell, when I say released it's more like it's been leaked, but the interesting news for fans of Alien who weren't fans of Prometheus is that the original Alien prequel script is out there and is downloadable and readable.

It looks like places where it is appearing are disappearing but if you're a fan of the Alien series then you'll want to read it and see what Prometheus was supposed to be, rather what it could have been, for this original script was miles better than the disappointing Prometheus (Filmstalker review).

There are some key differences in this script entitled Alien: Engineers from the Prometheus we see in the final film and by far the biggest is how well the plot works, how the threads fit together, how the story builds and the evolution of the story is understood by the audience.

Oh I know the old quote about Damon Lindelof going on about mystery in stories, and so on, well I could write a script with tons of mystery where events happen randomly just because they make good individual scenes and to hell with tying them together but that doesn't make it good. Likewise because a script does allow the audience understanding and explanations doesn't mean it's bad, in fact in this case it means it's damn good and way better. This is the film we should have seen.

One of the biggest changes is David and his involvement in the plot as well as how evil and manipulative he can be, especially how his plot thread reflects that of the humans searching for and discovering the Engineers.

There are more scenes regarding Aliens and various stages of Alien development. There is more explanation regarding the Engineers and the entire story, explanation that doesn't feel over explained but does feel as though it fills in the many gaps in the final film, particularly about the main plot thread. The Laurel and Hardy scientists are more realistic and not so plain stupid. There's so much more about the ship and what they find there as well as there being a much more effective ending.

Mind you saying that there are a couple of moments that would have needed reworked in the script, the biggest one being the running away from the falling ship moment, that was in this Alien prequel version so that part can't be blamed on Lindelof.

Honestly I can't praise the script enough, and perhaps some of it is hindsight but most of it is just how Prometheus (Filmstalker review) turned out. As Woodo79 said to me online yesterday when I was tweeting about reading the script and how good it was, is it too early for a remake?

I would urge you to read this original script from Jon Spaihts just to see what it could have been and because it's just damn good reading.

You can see the script for Alien: Engineers over at PrometheusForum through Zimbio and it's been authenticated by Spaihts over Twitter. However do be aware I've seen it in a couple of other places yesterday and it soon disappeared so it may not be around for long.

I wish this had been the Prometheus (Filmstalker review) we saw on film, see what you think.



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