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Singer directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

BryanSinger.jpgLatest news is that Bryan Singer is indeed going to be directing X-Men: Days of Future Past, a rumour that we thought was coming our way just a few days ago when Matthew Vaughn moved to produce after helping to deliver the script.

It's interesting that Vaughn has done this before but now that Singer is on to direct it's clear he's not coming back. Singer directing is a good move and suggests that the film is going to be a good one, but why did Vaughn leave?

The first order of the day for Bryan Singer is to change the title, please. It's twee beyond tweeness. However I can't stop wondering why Matthew Vaughn decided not to direct. We know he likes to carefully select projects but was this project not good enough?

X-Men: First Class was a damn good X-Men film, not the best but then I think the only way to keep it as strong as the rest of the series was to continue on with the same characters, but for the franchise to move this was perhaps the best way they could do it and Matthew Vaughn delivered it fantastically well. There was great anticipation for what he was going to bring for the next film and hearing that it was going to be based on the comic book X-Men: Days of Future Past brought excitement from the X-Men fan base as the promise was that the film was going to open up the universe of X-Men.

Vaughn has moved on from projects before after writing them, but they haven't always gone on to be good films and I wonder if the issue was he was just too busy or the script wasn't up to scratch? It would be strange to consider the script isn't right since he's written the script along with Jane Goldman and Simon Kinberg from the John Byrne and Chris Claremont written comic book.

It's not that he's particularly busy though, well not according to the projects we know about, but as I said he's a discerning director so perhaps he has his eye on something else or just doesn't want to do a sequel. Perhaps it's nothing and he's just taking a break.

Whatever the reason it's not a bad thing that Matthew Vaughn has moved on because The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Bryan Singer is back on, and that's a good thing isn't it? After all he brought us the X-Men and the sequel X2.



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