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Bay's Pain & Gain trailer arrives

PainandGain.jpgThe trailer for Michael Bay's new film, one which doesn't feature any giant robots or massive warfare scenes does have one massive thing about it, Dwayne Johnson. Mark Wahlberg also stars and is looking not too shabby himself, and is backed by Anthony Mackie, Rebel Wilson, Ed Harris, Ken Jeong, Rob Corddry and Tony Shalhoub.

It's an interesting trailer that doesn't scream Bay at you what so ever and in fact spends more time on the story and characters than I've seen from a Bay film in a long time. I hope that this is carried through to the film.

I have to admit that I'm interested in seeing Michael Bay's Pain & Gain and while some of that was because of the hype before the trailer, a lot of it is because of the trailer and seeing the actors and the roles they are set to play.

The film is based on a true story where three bodybuilders get involved in kidnapping and extortion to try and make the money they so desperately need to get out of the rut they're lives are in.

Here's the trailer for Pain & Gain which comes through TrailerAddict:

It does look interesting but I think the most interesting is the character that Dwayne Johnson is playing and I'm keen to see how his story evolves, aren't you? Anyone put off by this being a Michael Bay film?



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