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Erroneous errors on Filmstalker resolved

FilmstalkerTitle.jpgHi all. You may have noticed a few pop-ups appearing over Filmstalker's pages here and there, it seems to have been happening with different browsers at different times and not always consistently. Hopefully they are all now resolved.

From looking at the error there doesn't appear to be anything that meant your devices would be affected, this was merely on the website code, designed to have a damaging effect on the site and the site alone.

I really do appreciate that and I hope that the people behind it are proud of what they have achieved. Yep, that's sarcasm.

I don't know why someone decided to hack into a one person run non-profit site, but there you go, perhaps they really wanted to have a go at destroying the years I'd put into the site, who knows?

Anyway, a few back-end updates, database searches, template reworking and rebuilding, source code searching, testing, help from the hosting company, a good five hours of work later and an overnight wait and the site seems to be working fine again.



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