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Ex-Bond writers tackle Diesel's Kojak

Kojak.jpgYes everything is right there in the headline to make you marvel at what could be coming from a potential Kojak film. The writers who have been behind a good number of Bond films, a couple of Bonds, and a real stinker of a Bond film, are moving to another type of government agent, a detective, although this one has slightly different sex appeal.

With those writers on board you might be thinking this isn't the standard adaptation, and then there's the man producing and set to star in the leading role.

The seventies television series Kojak was a classic which featured Telly Savalas as the bald headed detective with the famous catchphrase "who loves ya, baby?" and prop of choice was a lollipop, it ran for five series from 1973 through to 1978 and in 2005 received a short lived comeback with Ving Rhames playing the character for nine episodes.

Interestingly in an article back in August where I discuss if films are to blame for violent acts, I mention that Kojak was one of the first big cases to hit the media tying entertainment to violent acts when the series, and the star, were pulled into a court case by the murderer and his lawyers who blamed the show for the man murdering people. Utter tosh of course, and it failed to save the murder from prison.

Anyway, it looks like Kojak is the next old series to get a big screen, modern day adaptation according to The Hollywood Reporter, but we're not going to see Ving Rhames return to the role but Vin Diesel.

Diesel is producing and leading the film where we will see him bring the character back to life and as the new writers suggest, this isn't a quick and dirty adaptation.

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the consistent Bond writers who recently left the franchise, have been hired as the writers after quite a decent period of time where the studio and the production team have been looking for the right team and the right script for the adaptation.

Suddenly things aren't seeming so seventies are they?



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