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Filmstalker Reader's Top Tens of 2012: Call for submissions

10FSReel.jpgWow, we're not all dead, who would have thought that a calendar that wasn't written to include infinity back in the days of limited mathematics and conception would have meant the world and perhaps the universe would end? Well it didn't so what now? How about Filmstalker Reader's Top Tens of 2012?

This is where you can tell me your top ten lists, or more, of anything film related through the year. It could be for films; actors/actresses; director; scene; dialogue; explosion; music, anything at all that takes your fancy. Once I have them I'll post them on the site for all to see.

I'm not sure how successful this will be this year as it's probably been the quietest for me and Filmstalker. If truth be known I've felt a little directionless and perhaps even disillusioned with some of the films coming out as well as what has been going on in the world Filmstalker lives, but the main reason has been real life which has taken over this year and quite rightly so. This year though, things are changing, but more on that elsewhere.

Back to the point in hand, the Reader's Top Tens, or as they are also known, the Stalker's Top Tens, although that title isn't as flattering to you all!

There are plenty to look back through on the Filmstalker's Stalker's Top Ten lists page where you can see them all from previous years, and see the wide variety too. Again it can be anything you like from the standard list to the more unusual.

Here's what you need to do, first do have a look at a few from previous years to get an idea of what to do then choose your topic, create your list, and write it up adding a little thought behind each choice to personalise it, and if you want to write more, include images, anything, just let me know and I can fit that in. I could even help you with writing it or deciding what to do for your list, just get in contact and ask.

You can email your list or any questions to: topten@filmstalker.co.uk. Here's to your Top Tens for 2012.



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