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The Place Beyond the Pines trailer

ThePlaceBeyondthePines.jpgRyan Gosling looks to have reprised his role as the driver although with slightly different flourishes and an entirely different team around the film. The trailer for The Place Beyond the Pines looks fantastic and is filled with superb talent with Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, Bruce Greenwood and Ben Mendelsohn all starring and Cooper looking as though he has a powerful and complicated role while Gosling is reprising his saggy eyed driver type role.

You'll be drawn to this trailer but I think more because of what the Cooper role promises rather than the Gosling role, and from the sounds of it quite rightly so.

What the trailer for The Place Beyond the Pines promises is Ryan Gosling delivering a very similar character to the one he did in Drive (Filmstalker review) although it looks like his life is more complicated and he has more speaking lines.

For me though the trailer puts Bradley Cooper more at the fore of the film and while it doesn't manage to deliver a coherent enough story to follow it does seem as though he's going to be put in a terrible position and have to decide on a difficult option to pull himself out, an option that probably isn't going to be good for those involved.

Here's what The Hollywood Reporter has in way of a blurb for the film:

Gosling's Luke is a stunt motorcyclist who learns he has a son with an old flame (Eva Mendes) and takes up crime to support his newfound family. Later, a rookie cop (Bradley Cooper) attempts to foil Luke's bank robbery, propelling the pair into a tense chase scene that is among the trailer's highlights.

Now here's the trailer for you, definitely one to keep your eye out for.



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