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The Wee Man trailer hits hard

TheWeeMan.jpgThe Wee Man, as the title suggests, is a Scottish film which carries a great Scottish cast, filmed in Scotland and based on a Scottish story, and for that I have to feature it prominently on the site. The bonus is that the cast looks very strong, the story powerful and interesting, and the trailer plays really well.

The film is about a young man who enters the criminal underworld in Glasgow and is based on the true story of Paul Ferris.

The leading man of The Wee Man is Martin Compston and there are some other recognisable faces in there including John Hannah, Patrick Bergin, Clare Grogan and Denis Lawson. It's written and directed by Ray Burdis who co-wrote and co-directed the films Final Cut and Love, Honour and Obey which featured a number of big British actors.

Here's a blurb for the film:

Brought up in the notorious Black Hill area of Glasgow, Ferris is the son of hardworking parents but soon ascends the rungs of power within the city's criminal underworld. The film dramatizes Ferris' conflicts with both the police and rival gangsters, including arch-enemy Tam "The Licensee" McGraw.

Now the trailer for The Wee Man looks rather strong, in fact I'd go so far as to say I'd be looking for it on release when it arrives for a limited UK release on the 18th of January next year. The trailer comes through TrailerAddict:



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