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TRON: Legacy sequel moving forward?

TronLegacy.jpgThe sequel to TRON: Legacy looks like it's about to begin at Disney as word comes that the studio are looking for a writer to deliver the second version of the script.

The good news for fans of TRON: Legacy is that Joseph Kosinski, the director of the sequel to TRON is still marked to return to direct this sequel.

Note that I did say Disney were looking for a writer to deliver a second version of the script, the first version was written by David DiGilio but the entire project has been slow to get going, originally with focus being on TRON: Uprising, the animated film that attempted to bridge the gap between the original TRON and TRON: Legacy (Filmstalker review). Here's the plot as a reminder.

Beck, a young program who becomes the unlikely leader of a revolution inside the computer world of The Grid. His mission is to free his home and friends from the reign of the villainous Clu 2 and his henchman General Tesler. Beck will be trained by Tron - the greatest warrior the Grid has ever known...

...Tron will not only teach Beck the fighting skills he needs to challenge this brutal military occupation, but will be a guide and mentor to him as he grows beyond his youthful, impulsive nature into a courageous, powerful leader. Destined to become the new protector of the system, Beck adopts Tron's persona and becomes the archenemy of Tesler and his oppressive forces.

TRON: Uprising had a good voice cast, strong connections to the sequel and the original and carried a good trailer, however I don't believe it did as well as expected and it's perhaps here that Disney began to get concerned about continuing the series.

The article in The Hollywood Reporter suggests that it was the perception of poor performance from TRON: Legacy (Filmstalker review) that was the problem, however the film did gross US $400 million worldwide which seems to be a tidy sum.

Currently the plot is being kept quiet over at Disney but back in April of last year I wrote about a potential reveal of the plot. Original rumours were that we would see Dillinger's son, the one who was trying to release the not new operating system to the general public for hard profits, return to the fore of the film, and then director Joseph Kosinski then revealed some ideas of where he saw the sequel going.

"I think we will pick with where TRON: LEGACY left off with Quorra [Olivia Wilde] in the real world and what does that mean and the possibilities it opens up for the next chapter. It's that relationship between the two of them that's the next step...

...Dillinger [David Warner] was a really important part of the first film and felt like an easy way to continue that storyline and thread to have his son in the new movie...That way you have people ask those questions of what the Dillinger legacy is in the world of TRON. We didn't want to ignore it completely and it leaves a really nice springboard for some intertwining development for the next film."

I don't see a sequel to the film going anywhere but straight towards the story of Quorra in the real world and what implications that has on the crossover between the digital world and our own. There are plenty of great questions to open up there, plenty of interesting storylines to explore, and we'll see the return of the characters and actors from TRON: Legacy (Filmstalker review).

With Kosinski returning as well TRON: Legacy could be a superb sequel and set to deliver everything we got from the first and more. We just have to hope that Disney is as behind this as it was the first sequel.



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