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Assassin's Creed gains writer

AssassinsCreed.jpgFinally there's an announcement of a writer on Ubisoft Motion Picture's adaptation of their videogame franchise Assassin's Creed, and it's an interesting choice, a playwright and a BAFTA nominee, but a young and new writer to Hollywood.

It seems a bit of a chance to take for the film that Ubisoft hope to prove their Motion Picture wing and help drive forward adaptations of Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon, but it could prove to work and we need to remember that Michael Fassbender is still on the project.

Michael Lesslie is a relatively new talent to film but with a BAFTA nomination for screenwriting for a short film called Heavy Metal Drummer, a short film called Airlock, or How to Say Goodbye in Space starring Michael Sheen, Derek Jacobi and Steven Waddington, and a number of successful plays including Prince of Denmark and Swimming With Sharks starring Christian Slater.

According to an article in the Independent from 2007 he even adapted Brian Moore's Lies of Silence into a feature script which was set to star Colin Firth although it seems it never made it to the big screen.

Even during that article he was talking about planning a number of films in his career but it's been a long road to get to this point and he may not be the final writer on the film, but he's here and the interesting side of this is that he doesn't have a Hollywood background he has a stage background, and that could bring something very interesting to the film.

We previously heard that Michael Fassbender was set to star as the lead in Assassin's Creed as well as producing, a film that would tell the story of a barman who is recruited by a strange group who use a machine to access genetic memories of his ancestors, people who belonged to a long line of secret assassins who worked secretly to protect mankind. They want to access his memories to find the location of artefacts that were hidden by the group throughout the ages, hidden to ensure that they never fell into the wrong hands.

The game conjures up some fascinating ideas and locations, and it really is great fun to play, I have the whole series but haven't managed to move through them all yet as I've been distracted by my birthday and Christmas games.

It is great news through The Hollywood Reporter and /Film that there's a writer attached to the project and in all honesty he's probably been bashing away at the idea for some time now. Considering Michael Lesslie's background in stage it will be interesting to see what he delivers for Assassin's Creed, one thing is he won't be bound by the preconceptions of Hollywood that this must be a rubbish film because it's a videogame.



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