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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For casting galore

SinCity_Poster.jpg We've heard titbits from the production of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For over a period of years, the odd comment from Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller or a star or two, and it's never really seemed like it was going anywhere until in August 2011 we heard that the script was just being completed and then in May of 2012 the film was official given the go ahead.

Even recently it didn't feel like it was really moving ahead but there has been a run of casting announcements and news that it really is filming. Is the sequel finally happening? Is it all too late though? Has the excitement over Sin City passed and the style dropped off somewhere on the way?

According to The Hollywood Reporter Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently in final negotiations to star in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. They previously announced that Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson and Jaime King were returning to the cast with new additions of Jamie Chung replacing the role previously played by Devon Aoki and Dennis Haysbert replacing the awesome Michael Clarke Duncan.

From Deadline comes news that Christopher Meloni is joining the film to play a - wait for it - policeman, but bigger casting news comes from another The Hollywood Reporter article where we hear that Josh Brolin is joining the film to take over the role that Clive Owen played in Sin City (Filmstalker review), that of Dwight.

The article also reveals that the film has been moving ahead more than I give it credit for, and it's something that I didn't realise, it's not just been casting but it has actually been filming. They say it has been in "fits and starts" since November but that still means it has been filming.

The production is also still waiting to find a big name actress for the leading female role of the title, at one time it had been hoped to attract Angelina Jolie to the role but that doesn't seem likely these days, mind you, Brolin has said yes.

So it all looks like Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is really going to happen, it doesn't look like there's any pulling out now. However, are audiences still going to get excited at the style of the film? It's been a very long time since Sin City (Filmstalker review) grabbed out attention.

I'm sure there's still an audience out there for the film but I wonder how big it is and if the sequel will get as much attention as the original film which was released in 2005, that's eight years ago now, actually it isn't far off being eight years. Are you still as excited for a Sin City sequel? I wonder if the time has now passed?



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