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Terminator 5 begins

Terminator.jpgIt really is happening, the fifth Terminator film, a sequel to Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review), has just gained two writers who are set to work out how to continue the story in the series or to leap somewhere else in the timeline.

It's an interesting choice of writers and one of them is in fact better known as a director, could they be the one to take the chair on the film? Personally I hope not.

You know Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review) wasn't as bad as people make out, there were some very good things that happened in the film, there were however two very big and very poor things that didn't, oh and before I say anything more I guess this is a spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen it yet so avoid the next paragraph.

The two things that messed up in my mind and still stay with me to this moment are the fact that we already knew who the character played by Sam Worthington actually was and that spoiled a load of tension and surprise, and the second was the moment where we're backed out of the alley we've been written into when we discover that everyone had made a mistake and this wasn't the only central location, there were in fact loads. Cue template sequels.

Anyway, let's hope such silly mistakes aren't made in any sequel. Yes, let us hope.

Last we heard was that Megan and David Ellison had bought the rights to the franchise from the financial company who were hoping to turn a massive profit on the whole thing in some way, but I didn't expect the production on a sequel to begin so soon, that was just at the start of December last year.

The two names that are set to write the script according to Deadline through Quiet Earth are Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier.

Laeta Kalogridis is a producer and writer and has written on Night Watch (Filmstalker review), adapted Shutter Island and Pathfinder, and co-written on James Cameron's Battle Angel and Altered Carbon, a film I am really excited to see made. Now that's a good list of films and suggests an interesting take on the writing for Terminator as well as an old Cameron connection that will excite fans.
Patrick Lussier however is more known as a director of films such as Drive Angry - do I still have to say 3D at the end? - and My Bloody Valentine, he also has sequels galore with Dracula 2001 and two more, The Prophecy 3: The Ascent, White Noise: The Light, and an announced Halloween III. Writing wise he co-wrote Drive Angry and the two Dracula sequels working on the story for the first.

Now that's where my concern lies, horror sequels and 3D weekend entertainment sequels, please don't let him turn out to be the director of the next Terminator, that would be bad news indeed wouldn't it?

It isn't clear what the story will be for the fifth Terminator though, and neither is it clear if the two ideas that William Wisher who was involved in writing the script for the first Terminator are being looked at for this film or if they are off into new territory, whichever I hope that there's a strong way forward for the franchise and they haven't just bought it to power out cheap, 3D sequels.

Of course there's still that strange quirk of law that might end up giving the rights back to James Cameron in 2019, but that's a long way off and considering how well Ridley Scott's return to one of his best films went, I'm not sure if Cameron will be too keen to return, he has enough on his plate anyway working on sequels to Avatar (Filmstalker review).

So two new writers and one that worryingly looks like a director, Terminator is looking like he's going to be back with a fifth film. Will we see Arnie?



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