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The 2013 Super Bowl trailers: Iron Man 3; Oz the Great and Powerful; Fast and Furious 6; Star Trek into Darkness; Lone Ranger

IronMan3.jpgWell the Super Bowl 2013 has come and gone, I tried to watch it yesterday but the BBC pulled the online re-run of the show almost two hours after they had published it online and it was gone. It's back though and all too late as I now know the score and it's ruined for me. There were some surprises left this morning though as I saw the Super Bowl trailers.

Even for those of us who did watch it live outside of the U.S. it didn't mean that we would see the trailers, so I've pulled the film ones together for you right here and with one new one, with an extended look from the Super Bowl version. Here are Iron Man 3; Oz the Great and Powerful; Fast and Furious 6; Star Trek into Darkness, and Lone Ranger.

I'm going with the best trailer from the Super Bowl list of film trailer first, the Iron Man 3 trailer, and yes I think that was a surprise as I really thought that Star Trek would scupper it, but with some new and amazing footage and a superb hilarious opening to the trailer, how could you not like it the most? Here is the new trailer for Iron Man 3 through TrailerAddict:

Oz the Great and Powerful is one of the two trailers that we saw which didn't really reveal anything overly exciting other than some new shots, but while that's a little disappointing the trailer is a really good one none the less and the film looks bright, bold and exciting throughout. Here's the trailer through TrailerAddict:

I'm going to say that the trailer for the Lone Ranger is the most disappointing of all the Super Bowl trailers, and as a sign of what is to come for the film version of the Lone Ranger it's equally disappointing.

This feels like a Pirates of the Caribbean in frontier America, and while that isn't giving the Wild Wild West vibe of some of the previous trailers, it does just seem like the same big set-ups and humour but with different costumes. Of course the lead character of the Lone Ranger is different and it's here that I hope we see a real difference in the film but so far I'm not holding out a lot of hope. Really I had hoped the film would have been smaller in scale and scope, especially considering how many big sequences there seem to be.

Here's the trailer for the Lone Ranger through TrailerAddict:

The Fast and Furious 6, which seems to be the official title now, has a trailer and the debut at the Super Bowl is one of the most exciting, if you like the franchise that is. I know a lot of people haven't taken to it but it is growing in stature and popularity and if the leap for the previous one is anything to go by then the sixth in the series is going to be the biggest and the best yet. The trailer through TrailerAddict doesn't do anything to discount that idea. It is rather impressively huge and there are some amazing sequences lined up that stretch the imagination for both stunts and storyline - watch till the end.

The Star Trek Into Darkness trailer isn't disappointing, far from it actually because it looks a fantastic adventure packed with excitement and amazing effects, however for the Super Bowl trailer run it is because we've pretty much seen everything and there's nothing major to reveal apart from a few new scenes here and there. Here it is through TrailerAddict:



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