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Two Mothers offers a provocative and gripping trailer

TwoMothers.jpgI'm sure there are many reasons that people will be going to see the film Two Mothers and one of them will undoubtedly be the combined pairing of the talents of Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, oh of course there will be different reasons to go and see them but overall it's a little naughty although it doesn't look too controversial.

The film sees two friends who are also mothers one of whom falls in love with the other's son and when the affair is discovered the other son pursues and captures the attention of the other mother. The affairs continue but their ultimate discovery outside of their group threatens more than they imagined.

That's basically the blurb for Two Mothers and while people are getting a little hot under the collar about the idea of the story I don't really see what the problem is. I could understand if the film started showing a relationship with the son and his own mother, but otherwise it's just portraying two relationships with larger age gaps.

I'm not sure how the film will build the external pressures on them, after all would there really be such a problem nowadays having a relationship with someone like either of these two characters? I think seeing the sexes reversed in the story might have raised more controversy, or perhaps we're not seeing the full story in this short trailer and blurb.

Here is the trailer which comes through IndieWire and JoBlo and shows off the leading ladies of Naomi Watts and Robin Wright. Apparently the film took a fair beating at Sundance but with these two talented actresses I'm sure they've been distracted by the content rather than the performances.

The film is adapted by Christopher Hampton from the Doris Lessing novel, Hampton who also wrote films such as Dangerous Liaisons, The Quiet American, Atonement, and A Dangerous Method. The film is also directed by Anne Fontaine who previously wrote and directed Coco Before Chanel, Nathalie... and directed Chloe (Filmstalker review). So there's definitely a theme there and not just one of talent behind the camera.



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