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Star Trek Into Darkness trailer goes into darkness

StarTrekIntoDarkness.jpgStar Trek Into Darkness is starting to turn on the heat on the marketing side and this new trailer is a great example of that. Gone are the glib comments and the fun, and while the effects and action sequences have been increased the story comes right to the fore and this time it's serious.

This is probably the strongest trailer we've seen for the film so far and it's almost unrelenting. Plus we're getting to see more of Benedict Cumberbatch in full on villain/terrorist mode.

It is interesting the way they are portraying the villain character, or is it perhaps that our perceptions of such a character have changed in the modern climate? Either way he's looking mean as anything and it seems as though there's going to be an added depth to this new Star Trek film.

Saying that, there's still an underwear shot of Alice Eve to tempt you in, but little else. This is tougher, harder and a lot more serious for everyone involved. Just listen to Benedict Cumberbatch's character whom I do hope isn't Khan.

Here's the trailer which comes through TrailerAddict, Star Trek Into Darkness is indeed just that.



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